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As of mid-October 2022, we are no longer a local produce and grocery delivery service.

2020 was the year of the pivot, as we navigated our family business through a global pandemic. Our 4th-generation legacy wholesale produce company faced a complete shut-down, until our pivot to Local Produce & Grocery Home Delivery, where New England Country Mart (NECM) was born.

In these past few years (from March 2020-October 2022), NECM kept our legacy wholesale produce business afloat, and we’ve come out on the other side with so many learnings, new partnerships, and gratitude for the incredible support, encouragement, and enthusiasm during some of the most unprecedented times. Most importantly, developing New England Country Mart allowed us to meet some of the most incredible artisan producers and small businesses from all over New England and to connect with the local communities we grew to serve.

With both joy for what we were able to accomplish and excitement for what the future holds, we made an important decision about our business as of mid-October 2022: sunsetting grocery home delivery to focus on what’s next for NECM. We’d like to acknowledge our out-of-this-world team, our incredible customers & those who have followed our journey, talented and passionate partners, and anyone who has offered feedback, encouragement and support. We have an immensely optimistic outlook on what’s next for New England Country Mart – gifting! – as the new iteration of NECM is built from the same heart, family, passion, and philosophy behind everything we do.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make this transition. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Text (text HELLO to 844-710-6857), E-mail (, or Phone (617-812-5250)

There’s a family behind NECM, and a family who – for almost a century – has roots in the food industry, working with premium, hand-selected ingredients and fresh produce. Synonymous with convenience, quality, and excellent customer service, NECM knows how to deliver the goods like no one else, celebrating specialty and artisanal food through curating nourishing, delicious, and unique gifts for any occasion or recipient! Whether it’s corporate or personal gifting, it is our mission to celebrate specialty foods and local New England producers and products with a purpose and passion behind them. Our thoughtfully designed and curated gift baskets are stuffed with specialty foods that bring comfort and joy. Choose from our selection of arrangements that you can feel confident sharing with friends, family, colleagues – across the country – available for local pickup, local delivery, or nationwide shipping, Consider us your Gifting Concierge. Give us a ring, shoot us a text, or send us an e-mail if you’re looking for something special, specific, or have any questions whatsoever.
None! Whenever you have an occasion for gifting – whether personal or corporate/ business, let NECM be synonymous with unique and specialty gifts that bring comfort & joy, all year round!

Yes! Our Retail Shop is located at 811 Washington Street, Newtonville, MA. We’d love to meet you and to have you experience our service in person! 


Come visit us at 811 Washington Street in Newtonville to view and shop our selection of local foods and to curate your own unique gift!

There is no minimum order requirement. We offer local delivery, with a $8.99 local delivery fee, free local pick-up at our retail location: 811 Washington Street, Newtonville or nationwide shipping. Shipping rates apply.

Once orders have been fulfilled and/or shipped and/or out for delivery, the order cannot be canceled. We reserve the right to charge a 15% restocking fee for any orders in production. For all corporate orders, the cost of any custom printed materials or custom curated gifts are not eligible for refunds and are subject to a restocking fee. All Corporate orders require advanced payment. 

Yes! The easiest way to do this is to create unique orders for each gift and recipient. If you are gifting >5 people, feel free to get in touch with us, and we can help you place your order most efficiently!

All gifts that are shipped will arrive in our gift boxes unless the gift is a custom order – please be in touch to discuss! Local pick-up and Delivery orders will be prepared in baskets, unless the gift is photographed in a gift box and/or is requested to be in a gift box.

In the state of Massachusetts, there is a five cent deposit on carbonated soft drink, beer, malt beverage, and sparkling water containers sold in Massachusetts. Find out where to return them for a refund. New England Country Mart was not previously charging this deposit for canned beverages, this fee is now included in all purchases as it would be in a brick and mortar store. 


We consider ourselves a gifting concierge, where anything is possible!

Call 617-812-5250/ Text HELLO to 844-710-6857/ E-mail

Local Pickup, Delivery & Shipping Nationwide

For those who don’t want to show up empty handed, pick up your gift(s) at our Retail Location: 811 Washington Street, Newtonville, MA, Monday – Friday 10:30AM – 4:30PM. Contact us for pick-up options outside of these days/ times.

Allow us to hand-deliver your gift! With delivery available within a 10-mile radius of Boston for an $8.99 delivery fee. 

Monday – Friday, but if you have any special requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Call 617-812-5250/ Text HELLO to 844-710-6857/ E-mail
Please get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help! Call 617-812-5250 OR Text HELLO to 844-710-6857. You may also email
If you need Same-Day local delivery, please contact us directly to coordinate. Call 617-812-5250/ Text HELLO to 844-710-6857/ E-mail

We go wherever your gift is going. Ship specialty, artisan, and thoughtfully curated gifts across the country!


We’ve taken the past several years to vet some of the best flavors and products of New England to curate specialty gifts. We are on a mission to celebrate local New England products and good eats with a purpose and passion behind them. Curious about the products? Head to our Meet the Producer page to learn more! 

What’s so special about New England, anyway? Well, it’s where we’re from, and we think New England-made, small-batch products are truly special, delicious, and made with passion, and it’s rewarding to share special things that have a story behind them. We are foodies at heart and love sharing food whenever possible – after all, food really is the best way to a person’s heart! 

We are confident that our thoughtfully designed and curated gift baskets & boxes stuffed with specialty foods will bring comfort and joy, for any and all occasions. Give us a ring, shoot us a text, or send us an e-mail if you’re looking for something special, specific, or have any questions whatsoever.

Call 617-812-5250 / Text HELLO to 844-710-6857 / E-mail


We are thrilled to celebrate and honor our customers with a New England Country Mart loyalty program, what we lovingly call the Rewards of being in the NECM Family. 

It doesn’t get any easier than ordering thoughtfully sourced and curated gifts to earn points. For every $1 spent, earn 1 point. Points are earned on the order subtotal, which does not include delivery fees. Throughout the year, we will have point promotions where you can earn double points, points on new, special, and seasonal gifts, and more.

Yes. Joining the Rewards program is free. 
Points earned will be added to your account after your purchase. 
Through the green loyalty Rewards widget on the bottom left of the website. When you click the gift box icon, your balance will appear in the top right corner of the pop-out. 
Receive 2.5% cash back on every purchase! The green loyalty widget on the bottom left of our website will allow you to easily redeem your points as you earn them. Points never expire, and you can use them at any time! You do not have to redeem your points right away; you can continue to accumulate more points as you qualify for each redemption tier and can redeem points for up to $25 off each order and in increments of $5, $10, $15, and $25 off future gift orders. Point redemption and rewards cannot be retroactively applied once an order is placed, but points never expire, and can be used toward any future order(s)!
Yes! Through the Rewards loyalty widget on the bottom left of the website, Give $15, Get $15. Earn $15 for every referral you make! Once your referral places their first gift order, you will earn $15 toward your next gift. Refer friends by e-mail, What’sApp, Messenger, Facebook, or Twitter.

Returns & Refunds

We do not accept returns, but please be in touch directly with us within 2-days of receiving your order if it:

  • Contains damaged or otherwise unusable items and please provide a photo of the product when reaching out to us.

Please be in touch with us directly if any of these apply or if we can be of any assistance:

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