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About us

As of mid-October 2022, we are no longer a local produce and grocery delivery service.

2020 was the year of the pivot, as we navigated our family business through a global pandemic. Our 4th-generation legacy wholesale produce company faced a complete shut-down, until our pivot to Local Produce & Grocery Home Delivery, where New England Country Mart (NECM) was born.

In these past few years (from March 2020-October 2022), NECM kept our legacy wholesale produce business afloat, and we’ve come out on the other side with so many learnings, new partnerships, and gratitude for the incredible support, encouragement, and enthusiasm during some of the most unprecedented times. Most importantly, developing New England Country Mart allowed us to meet some of the most incredible artisan producers and small businesses from all over New England and to connect with the local communities we grew to serve.

With both joy for what we were able to accomplish and excitement for what the future holds, we made an important decision about our business as of mid-October 2022: sunsetting grocery home delivery and in February 2023 shifting our Gifting platform to focus on what’s next for NECM in its new partnership with Baker’s Best. We’d like to acknowledge our out-of-this-world team, our incredible customers & those who have followed our journey, talented and passionate partners, and anyone who has offered feedback, encouragement and support. We have an immensely optimistic outlook on what’s next for New England Country Mart x Baker’s Best, now both a part of The Gordon Companies which also includes Gordon’s Wine.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make this transition. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Text (text HELLO to 844-710-6857) or E-mail (

Baker’s Best At Home is powered by New England Country Mart, providing homemade reheatable meals made with fresh ingredients to your door! We are here to put Baker’s Best food on your table all week long! 

There are families behind these local food establishments, with roots in the food industry and working with premium, hand-selected ingredients, fresh produce, and delicious, crafted food. Synonymous with convenience, quality, and excellent customer service, NECM and Baker’s Best know how to deliver and to prepare food like no one else, celebrating specialty and artisanal ingredients through curating nourishing, delicious, and unique food & beverage for you and your family, and for any occasion or recipient!

Send us a text, or send us an e-mail if you’re looking for something special, specific, or have any questions whatsoever.

None! There are no subscription fees or commitments. You order what you want, when you want it delivered or picked-up at Baker’s Best, 150 Gould Street, Needham, MA. You never have to worry about hidden fees, forgetting to cancel a membership, or worry about being charged for a week you haven’t ordered with us.

We are excited to bring the best of Baker’s Best Catering directly to your door through Baker’s Best At Home, powered by New England Country Mart, whether you are ordering for 2 or more! 

We’ve adapted our menu, portion sizes, packaging, and style of service to meet your needs throughout the week with menu offerings that span meals, sides, snacks, and Baker’s Best fan favorites!  We’ll have a rotating menu and would love all suggestions and feedback along the way with our At Home launch! 


Never. Our meals are freshly prepared for you on the day you receive them and are delivered ready to eat or reheat.

We suggest enjoying your food within 1-2 days of delivery for optimal freshness and flavor!  However, if you’d like, our reusable, recyclable containers do well in the freezer, and if you’re stocking up, most of our prepared meals can be frozen and enjoyed later.

We will always have menu options that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike! Looking for something in particular? Let us know, and we’d love to incorporate your kids’ favorites to keep mealtimes varied and delicious! 

We constantly review our purveyors to ensure that we provide you with the highest quality ingredients and locally sourced foods whenever possible. 

Baker’s Best works with industry leaders across our purchasing program and work with locally owned produce, bread, and seafood suppliers. We pride ourselves on using locally sourced produce and dairy during the season and hold our vendors to the highest standards.  

Our 20,000 square foot catering facility in Needham, MA has a dedicated, 75-member culinary team, skillfully preparing your food daily. Our director of Food Operations along with our dedicated staff create vibrant, seasonally inspired dishes. 

Menus will change every 2 weeks, and we will have certain menu items that will be available to order year-round – like the Baker’s Best Tuna and Chicken Salads! 

Yes! We are pleased to bring the best of Gordon’s Wine, paired with the best of Baker’s Best for unique food and wine/ spirits experiences delivered directly to your home, or for pick-up! Don’t miss our house-made mixers to elevate your cocktails and mocktails! 

Absolutely. All our ordering is a la carte and can be ordered in various sizes and quantities, whether it’s a quiet night in with your family, or a dinner party for 10 – you decide what you want and when you want it. Want to order just desserts? We like the way you think. Need just a bunch of sides and appetizers to go with a main dish that you are already preparing? Go for it.


The minimum order for local delivery or pick-up is $75. We offer free delivery on your first order. We offer local delivery, with a $8 local delivery fee, or free local pick-up.

We are currently delivering to Needham, Newton, and Wellesley, with plans to expand! 

Cancelations can be made up to 12PM the day before your scheduled delivery or pick-up.

We offer a variety of menu options that accommodate Gluten Free, Vegan, and Vegetarian requirements. All of our menus include the following details to help you plan your meals:

GF – Gluten Free, VGN – Vegan, V – Vegetarian

Please refer to the product description of each menu item for preparation information, allergens, and ingredient lists. At this time, we cannot accommodate any special requests outside of the current preparation of each product. 

Baker’s Best At Home produces menu items that may contain or come into contact with Wheat/ Gluten, Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Fish, Shellfish, and Soy. While we make every attempt to minimize the risk of cross-contamination when informed about allergies, we offer no guarantees and accept no liability. Customers with food allergies need to be aware of the risk of consuming our products. Baker’s Best is not a nut free facility. 

In the state of Massachusetts, there is a five cent deposit on carbonated soft drink, beer, malt beverage, and sparkling water containers sold in Massachusetts. Find out where to return them for a refund. This fee will be included on all qualifying purchases as it would be in a brick and mortar store. 

Local Pickup & DeliverY

We are re-launching NECM x Baker’s Best At Home in Newton, Needham, and Wellesley, with plans to expand! 

We deliver Monday – Saturday! You will select a 2-hour delivery window at checkout. You will receive a text notification when your order is delivered. 

Monday – Friday delivery windows: 1-3PM or 3-5PM

Saturday delivery windows: 8-10AM, 10-12PM, 12-2PM

You may also pick-up your order at Baker’s Best, 150 Gould Street, Needham, MA between 1PM – 5PM. 

Your order will be transported in a refrigerated vehicle and delivered in a Baker’s Best At Home insulated, zippered bag with an ice pack, and we will leave your food order at your doorstep. If your order includes any alcohol products, someone 21+ must be present to receive the delivery. 

If you need to make any delivery or pick-up changes, please contact us right away. 

Order changes can be made up to 12PM the day before your pick-up or delivery date. Orders for Monday must be amended by Saturday at 12PM. 

If you have delivery instructions, please include them in your Order Notes on the check-out page. If you’ve already placed your order, please contact us with any information that will ensure a smooth delivery (i.e. details on where to leave your order, if you prefer us to ring your doorbell upon delivery – or not! – etc.)

We do not offer Same Day delivery at this time! Orders must be placed by 12PM the day before your desired pick-up or delivery date. 

Absolutely! Please leave your reusable insulated bags and icepacks out when you are expecting your next delivery and our driver will retrieve them.

Baker’s Best At Home containers are reusable, recyclable, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe! After enjoying your food, clean and reuse for food storage, kids art supplies, spare buttons, loose change…! 

While we are not able to take back recyclable and reusable plastic containers at this time, we encourage you to reuse containers in your home or recycle. We have sourced out all #5 plastics which are accepted throughout the state recycling program.

If your order includes any alcohol products, someone 21+ must be present to receive the delivery. If you are not home to receive your delivery, we will remove the alcohol from your order and leave your food delivery behind. 

Feedback, Returns & Refunds

Please contact us at and a member of our Customer Service team will ensure prompt resolution.

We do not accept returns, but please be in touch directly with us within the day of receiving your order if it:

  • Contains damaged or otherwise unusable items and please provide a photo of the product when reaching out to us.
  • Includes incorrect or missing items

Please be in touch with us directly if any of these apply or if we can be of any assistance:

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