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Meet the Producer: Atomic Coffee from Massachusetts

Let’s start at the beginning…the story of how Atomic Coffee Roasters was born! 

Logan Mahoney’s two uncles, John & Andrew started Atomic Coffee back in 1996. They were professional bikers. They realized sponsorships couldn’t support their livelihood, and cafes were what connected them to fellow riders while they traveled around the country!

His uncle John was pretty early into the cold brew scene dating back to 2014 out of their cafe in Beverly, MA. John wanted to create an artistic, visual appeal for customers by running cold brew and nitro cold brew on draft similar to running beer through taplines.

At that time, they began kegging cold brew in their roasting facility only to serve the cafe. Since then, cold brew has been a large portion of their wholesale business, kegging and canning all cold brew products in a state of the art 15,000 sq. ft. cold brew production space in Danvers, MA. 

How long has Atomic Coffee Roasters been in business and which product came first?

Roasting since 2001, the first product was their Diesel Dark Roast, which still exists to this day. Supposedly when Logan’s uncle tasted the coffee for the first time, it reminded him of Diesel gas because of its rich dark notes. The original logo on the bags was an old fashioned diesel gas pump with a blue and white color scheme. 

What do you want your customers to know about Atomic Coffee Roasters?

We’re a second generation family business that is driven by quality service. As the Head of Sales, I always say, the major differentiator in Atomic from fellow local coffee roasters is our team. We’ve been so lucky to hire some of the hardest working people, most of which have been personal connections of fellow teammates. We’re a tight-knit family, and our work here is personal for us, and love coming to work each and every day to ensure our customers get great quality products, as well as terrific customer relationships. 

We have a lot of super interesting coffee and cold brew products coming out in the coming months. I’ll give a special shoutout to my brother Spencer and Trevor Gelineau, our GM’s of roasting operations and cold brew operations, respectively, who do a terrific job with our products. We’re always cupping new coffees, and trying to keep our customers engaged in new innovative projects that we’re working on. Those two guys take a great amount of pride in their respective jobs making sure we’re continuing to come out with new products both with hot and cold coffee. 

What is the most rewarding part of your work? 

As a small family business, we take great pride in the entire process of coffee from sourcing green coffee to educating coffee consumers of various levels of experience.  My brother Spencer, myself, and our colleague Brendan Burke were all lucky enough to travel to Hacienda La Minita, a farm in Costa Rica that we source coffee from directly and learn the day-to-day life of what it’s like to be a coffee picker. Gaining a new perspective on how tedious the entirety of the process is from seed to cup keeps us motivated, as we saw firsthand how many people are involved in the supply chain to create a quality cup of coffee.

Share one of your favorite recipes with us using your product(s)!

I’m a big skier during the winter time, and I’d say for me it has to be using our Nitro cold brew in a White Russian recipe I found online! Our Nitro, creates a creamy cascade and truly lends itself to a smooth post ski day treat. 

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