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Meet the Team

Elyssa Kotzen, Co-founder & COO
Theme Song

“Stronger” by Sam Feldt – but it’s always changing!

Favorite Dish

I love making salads with literally anything and everything in them – A favorite is a deconstructed falafel sandwich salad – with Town to Table Greens, Real Pickles Pickled Red Cabbage, Fabalish Falafel and Tzaziki, diced pickles, roasted cauliflower and leeks and a mixture of seeds for a little crunch. If you want, add the mixture to our Joseph’s pita for a sandwich!

always in my fridge
  1. Cauliflower
  2. Real Pickles Pickled Red Cabbage
  3. NECM Bulk Fresh Dates
Jeff Kotzen, President & Co-Founder
Theme Song

Anything Country 


NECM has allowed me the opportunity to truly focus on supporting sustainable agriculture in New England. We all know it has never been more important to support small & family owned businesses. Being able to connect hundreds of local producers creating some of the best food in the world to our customers, has been the most rewarding part!

always in my fridge
  1. Healing Home Foods Pizza Crackers
  2. Natalie’s Fresh Squeezed OJ
  3. Regalis Truffle Butter
  4. Just Hummus Tahini 
  5. As many Lilly’s Fresh Pasta products that will fit in the fridge
  6. Kinnealey bone-in ribeye topped with Regalis Foods truffle butter 
Rob Kotzen, Director of Operations
Theme Song

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s entrance music

Fun facts

1. I’ve only had coffee 3 times in my entire life
2. I coach baseball in Westwood during my free time

always in my fridge
  1. Kinnealey meats
  2. NECM Kitchen Prepped Veggies
  3. Anything Taza Chocolate
Justin Wright, Culinary Director
Theme Song

Lisztomania by Phoenix

Why I love necm

It feels like we are doing a great thing. In the midst of a pandemic we found a way to offer a more convenient option to folks, while also supporting local businesses and keeping a food quality standard in place. I think it is wonderful to have another option other than going out grocery shopping once or twice a week. I also think it’s wonderful how Jeff and Elyssa have pivoted a family business into a community driven project and I look forward to the future of NECM

always in my fridge
  1. Kinnealey ground beef
  2. NECM Chicken Parmesan
  3. NECM Cocktail fruit mix
Jose Canales, Order Fulfillment Manager
Theme Song

Welcome to the Jungle by Guns & Roses

Why I love necm

The team at NECM is awesome and always supports each other no matter what.

always in my fridge
  1. Kinnealey Prime Bone-in Ribeye
  2. Del’s Premium Lemonade
  3. NECM Kitchen Marinated Meats
Brandon Paluses, Delivery
Theme Song

Cool Again by Kanye Brown

Why I love necm

Providing customers with top quality products to their doorstep allows them to maximize their time and energy in a world where time has never been more valuable.

Always in my fridge
  1. Italian Parmesan Reggiano
  2. Organic Strawberries
  3. Sophia’s Yogurt
Nathan Bennett, Delivery
Theme Song

Smile like you Mean It by The Killers

Why I love necm

Working with NECM has been a great way for me to make an impact in our local communities by getting people what they need. Whether it’s the elderly, the immunocompromised or families looking for great food, it feels energizing for me to deliver for NECM! 

fun facts
  1. I have climbed several dormant volcanos
  2. I am an ex champion distance runner
  3. I enjoy fishing with my Dad in Gloucester
Kayleigh Hacker, NECM Intern
Theme Song

Someday by Kygo and Zac Brown (or anything country!)

Fun Facts:
  1. I play lacrosse at Babson College
  2. All of my siblings (and dog) have names that start with K
  3. My favorite snacks are dried fruits
always in my fridge
  1. Cherries & Blackberries (lots of fruit)
  2. Allll the cheese, Cabot Sharp White Cheddar is guaranteed in my fridge
  3. Red’s Best Salmon
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