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2018 Frenchtown Farms – Suba Rosa Syrah (750ML)


ORIGIN | California


WINEMAKER NOTES | Aaron & Cara Mockrish ended up in North Yuba County in the Sierra Foothills with big plans to start their own farm. Fortunately for us, their plans unexpectedly diverged when they had a bottle of Clos Saron’s Black Pearl 2008. Blown away by what they had just tasted, they made it their mission to seek out the man that was responsible for it. They soon discovered that that the man they were seeking lived down the road from them. This man was none other than Gideon Bienstock.

They began to learn from Gideon, of working in the vineyards to the winery and everything in between. Soon it was clear that not only was this the life for them, but also this place was a singular place and the wines were unlike anything else. They managed to make a connection with Renaissance Winery (where Gideon had made his earliest, incredible wines, as well as many of the first vintages of Clos Saron), which was no longer producing their own wine, and leased their oldest producing vines.

100% Syrah that displays how insane this variety is when grown in the proper place and treated by the right hands. Dark and deep but imbued with electricity. Blue and black fruits that swim in an ocean of granitic minerals. A touch of Syrah’s animal side. This is incredibly charming now but will only become deeper and more complex with age.

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