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ORIGIN | France

GRAPE VARIETY | Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon

WINEMAKER NOTES | Derived from the vineyard’s oldest merlot and cabernet sauvignon vines, this superb wine is aged traditionally over 24 months. Chateau Pertignas reserves Cuvee Speciale for their finest years only. Grown on a limestone terroir, this wine is very well balanced with a dark color, fruity, with a full-bodied texture and slightly dense mature tannis. This wine may be enjoyed on any occasion, served with an elegant dinner, or kept to age for a few years as a collectable. If served young, needs to breathe before drinking.

WINEMAKING NOTES | Maceration at a cold temperature for as long as possible, daily pumpings to carefully extract tannins and color, maceration at a warm temperature then aging in tanks for up to 24 months before bottling without filtering.

TASTING NOTES | A dark-colored wine, full-bodied, opulent, complex, and sunny. Young, it is fruity with slightly dense mature tannins. As it matures, the wine becomes stronger whilst retaining its freshness. A wine that requires patience in order for you to enjoy it, either as a young wine which needs to breathe before drinking, or stored in the wine cellar.

PAIRING NOTES | Beef, Poultry, Cheese, Pasta, Lamb

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