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Cult Crackers – Classic Seed (4.5 Oz)


What do you get when you pair Swedish cracker culture and California vibes? Cult Crackers! Our insanely good-tasting classic seed crackers are also super good for you. They’re gluten-free, sugar-free, nut-free, and vegan (though they taste so good you’d never know it.) They’re packed with flavor and crunch from six powerhouse seeds. You can eat them straight out of the bag or with your favorite fixings.

Organic corn flour, organic sunflower seeds, organic cornmeal, organic sesame seeds, organic flaxseeds, organic chia seeds, organic pumpkin seeds, organic coconut oil, organic hemp seeds and Himalayan salt

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Hello from Dianna & Birgitta. Our story begins with Birgitta’s homemade Swedish crackers. Her amazing crackers were a huge hit with friends and family and so Birgitta asked Dianna, a professionally trained baker, to help her start a cracker company making and selling her Swedish crackers with a healthy California twist. Our name, Cult Crackers, was inspired by the traditional cracker culture in Sweden.

Cult Crackers totally addicting crackers are filled with good-for-you organic ingredients and are packed with flavor and crunch. We hand bake our artisan crackers at the Berkeley Kitchens, a community of small food producers in Berkeley, California. Birgitta’s favorite cracker is our best-selling Crunchy Cassava Crackers because of its crunchy goodness, and Dianna favors the Classic Seed Crackers for their sweet, rich flavors.

We want you to enjoy our crackers knowing they’re made with your health and our planet in mind. We commit to using only the highest-quality organic ingredients we can find, are certified organic, bake every batch of crackers by hand, use sustainable recyclable packaging, pay our employees a living wage, and do things with care and intention.

We love what we do, and that Cult Crackers nourish people in so many different ways.


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