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NECM Sushi Kit 3.0


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The ULTIMATE plan for a night IN!

Our New England Country Mart Sushi Kit is back and better than ever. Our Sushi Kit 3.0 includes all of the ingredients to easily assemble a Sushi Appetizer, 2 Red’s Best Saku Blocks (Tuna & Salmon), a full Sushi Making Kit, and everything you need to make our suggested Specialty Rolls, with a Pinot Grigio wine pairing to round out the evening!

Sushi Appetizer: Smoked Salmon Toasts with Salmon Roe Caviar


  • Smoked Salmon
  • Avocado
  • Crème Fraiche
  • Lemon
  • Salmon Roe caviar
  • Petite toasts
  • Dill Sprig garnish

Appetizer instructions:

**Zest 1/2 of lemon and mix with crème fraiche** (Can also squeeze a teaspoon of lemon juice if you don’t own a zester)

On top of mini toasts, add piece of smoked salmon, sliced or mashed avocado, light dollop of lemon crème fraiche, finish with salmon roe and dill sprig for garnish.

Ingredients for Maki Rolls:

Sushi Rice
Rice wine Vinegar powder
Nori Paper
Sesame Seeds
Rolling Mat
Wasabi Powder
Spicy KewPie mayo
Pickled Ginger
Soy Sauce packets
English Cucumber
Red pepper
Yellow pepper

Saku Blocks:

1 Salmon Saku Block
1 Tuna Saku Block

– Red’s Best Saku Sushi features only the highest quality, local, premium fish and shellfish hand selected for in house preparation. Meticulously cleaned, and hand cut into the perfect portion and shape. Using advanced freezer technology, all fish and shellfish is super-frozen to temperatures below -61 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 24 hours. This process is necessary to reduce the risk of consuming raw, wild seafood. Our commercial super freezer accelerates the freezing process, and preserves the texture of the proteins by reducing expansion of water molecules within the flesh.

Retain world class sushi quality under refrigeration and consume raw within two days. This elite restaurant quality may also be preserved in a freezer for up to seven days. Make sashimi, nigiri, chirashi bowls and poke bowls.

Recommended Specialty Rolls:

Boston Roll –
Salmon, Avocado, Cucumber, Cooked Sushi Rice

Mango Tuna Roll –
Tuna, Mango, Avocado, Peppers, Cooked Sushi Rice

Spicy Tuna Roll –
Tuna, Spicy KewPie Mayo, Cucumber, Cooked Sushi Rice (Can add avocado and sesame seeds)

Spicy Salmon Roll –
Salmon, Spicy KewPie Mayo, Avocado, Sesame Seeds, Cooked Sushi Rice

Vegetarian Maki –
Avocado, Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, Cooked Sushi Rice

Wine Pairing: Scarpetta Pinot Grigio

ORIGIN | Northern Italy, Grown in Fruili Venezia Giulia

ABOUT THE WINEMAKER | Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey & Chef Lachlan Patterson travel to northern Italy to pursue the flavors and aromas that reflect the history and regions of these winemaking regions. The ultimate goal of the brand is to make affordable everyday wines that taste special.

TASTING NOTES | This Pinot Grigio blends flavors of white flowers, honey, and pear while remaining dry on the palate. Lavender and peach fragrance balance a subtle mineral finish in a fresh and lively experience.

PAIRING NOTES | Pinot Grigio has such a great range. Wonderful on its own as an aperitivo, with light grilled fish like sashimi, pesce crudo or ceviche.

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