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True Scoops Sauce Mix – Hot Fudge


Our rich hot fudge sauce is made with all the good things in life – cocoa powder, butter, brown sugar, and a pinch of salt. Pour thick rivers of this sauce over your scoops to make a classic sundae.

Sugar, Dark Brown Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Rich Cream Powder, Natural Flavor, Salt.


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For chocoholics only. Top your scoop with thick, dreamy rivers of hot fudge or fold in swirls of chilled fudge in your fresh ice cream – just add half & half!

True Scoops mixes are made with simple ingredients with serious flavor… It is a TRUE scoop of premium, full-bodied ice cream that you can make at home – with or without an ice cream maker!

Why us?

We are obsessed with making ice cream and we have made every single mistake in the book in our 15 years of ice cream making experience. True Scoops was created because we want you to make insanely delicious, fresh ice cream without all the fuss. Your time is important and it should be spent contemplating what kind of sundae you’re going to have. Priorities, right?

How we met…

In 2015, we met at Penn State taking their legendary ice cream short course with our class name appropriately called “Batches Be Crazy.” We quickly became besties and the rest is ice cream history. Shelly opened and still operates Island Pops, a Caribbean ice cream shop in Brooklyn, NY and Kelly went on to launch her first ice cream biz The Galley in Cambridge, MA (now closed.) She said she’d never run another ice cream business again. Never say never!

Where did this idea come from?

With the pandemic flipping the world upside down in 2020 (and let’s just say it, 2021 as well), Shelly approached Kelly with the ice cream mix concept because she wondered, with all the time people are spending at home cooking and baking, why is no one making ice cream? It is the perfect time to launch True Scoops. You can finally stop making banana bread. You’re welcome.


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