S’more Martini Ft. Moco Organic Coco

Looking for a fun speciality cocktail this holiday season? We have just the recipe, and bonus – it will finally utilize the leftover baileys from last holiday season. A few simple ingredients, starring our delicious organic moco coco — garnish of marshmallows, shaved chocolate, and chocolate syrup are fully optional, although they make for a GREAT photo.



  1. Pour chocolate syrup onto a shallow plate. Dip rim of martini glasses into chocolate syrup to coat rims. Drizzle the inside of each glass with chocolate syrup.
  2. Combine Baileys, chilled coco, and vodka in a large cocktail shaker. Fill with ice and shake until thoroughly chilled, about 20 seconds. If using, top with shaved chocolate and toasted marshmallows. Cheers!

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