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Jackie’s BOMB Bolognese

When we say bomb – we mean BOMB! This isn’t your everyday Bolognese, it’s a meaty, saucy, jacked up version of the traditional favorite dish. You’ll find yourself grazing on the leftovers (or fighting over them) until it’s gone. Thank…
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Lamb Shank with Cranberry Sauce & a Kick

If you are breaking free from the turkey tradition in 2020, this is your recipe! A slow cooked lamb shank, with a jalapeño cranberry sauce that is slightly spicy, herbaceous, and packed with flavor. A colorful and unique addition to…
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Beef Stew

Say hello to our newest addition, stew meat! We thought it was only right to announce this amazing cut alongside a recipe. Classic, with a warm and flavorful twist from our favorite NECM chef, Jackie. Ingredients: Neutral flavored oil for…
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Easy Sirloin Fondue

Just when you thought a sirloin steak couldn’t get any better – Isabelle comes to the NECM kitchen and wraps it in mozzarella. Silly simple, and unbelievably delicious. Ingredients: Fresh Mozzarella slices 1 Prime Sirloin Steak Rosemary Lemon Garlic Salt,…
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Garlic Parmesan Truffle Chicken Wings

Sunday’s favorite food taken to a WHOLE new level! See you later buffalo chicken, and honey hot – make some room for the garlic parmesan truffle! Follow along with us and Chris Phat while we mix up another inventive and…
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Classic Rosh Hashanah Brisket

Rosh Hashanah is near! Have you are hunting for a classic crowd-pleasing brisket recipe? We’ve partnered with Jackie Cooks and Drinks, to deliver just that! We also have honey, apples, challah, and MORE. Ingredients: 1, 5lb brisket (first cut) Kosher…
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